Expectations lead to disappointment ?

I am in a dilemma. I feel if we expect and form a image in my mind, it’s just a creation of my mind. And when I compare what I have with the image of what I wanted, it always contradicts and it has too because I am not the creator nor I have a magic pencil Shaka laka boom boom which will turn my picture in real.

But then if I will not know what I want how will I get that. It’s important to understand your desires.

I should know what I want exactly to not be confused or persuaded by other things. I should know when to stop chasing.

Should we keep chasing what we exactly want or just be at peace with whatever we have. First one leaves me restless and leads to dissatisfaction. And the latter just confuses me with the goal of life. Why should I settle with anything if I had the capability to achieve more ?

Its getting subjective for me instead of being objective.


When you are alone.

When your days pass without uttering a single word. When the crowd around you appear to move in slow-motion.

But thats actually the time when you are introspecting. When your senses are the most powerful. When you are judging things without any interference with other’s thoughts. When you are actually growing rather than learning. Noticing the things you never thought did exist.

You become more receptive of your environment. Trees, rivers, road sky, clouds everything suddenly seems to have a story to tell you. And yes you want to hear that. “The mind wanders best when you are a little bored. So a pointless walk seems smart”

It’s the time when you realise you are in the company of the moon. The stars look awesome. You surely do it with your friends but this time it is different…stars seem to be listening. Nature talks to you.

You make yourself your best buddy because now you start talking to yourself. You become your own superhero. It’s the time when you are in your character the most. When you actually explore your likes and dislikes. That nourishes you as a person, making you more receptive and sensitive to the world.

And then when you finally come out of your cave of solitude into a world you know your worth. You cherish the people around you. Your outlook towards the world is bit changed each time and through this cycle you keep growing nd growing !!

Use this time to build your aura !!

Get New Bold Better Bigger 😊

Her face

I saw her behind the mirror. Smiling. With a brown coffee mug in her hand. A toxic smile as if she is trying to pull back her lips but no control. Dressed in white with brown skin perfectly complimenting each other. A lady with power with slender but tough hands. Her bluish grey eyes, hiding behind her long black hairs twinkling with little tears of happiness with a slight redness on her tiny nose. My eyes moved with her ha

nds. She was holding a white hanky in other hand on which I saw my name carved beautifully as if shouting she is waiting for me.