Swing your swing

Sometimes the swing pulls and stretches your back to make you rise higher. To feel the real joy, you may have to push yourself back and then fly ahead. There is a need to maintain balance and enjoy the rhythm of life.

Into the unknown

I am sitting in a boat

With a dried throat

Apprehensive of what future holds

My mind says it’s all okay

Heart says where the hell are you going

I am happy then why moving at all

May be the world is my battlefield

I am ready with my shield

Shield of emotions which I hide from the world

With the little wisdom I earned

feeling unnerved

As the future unfurled

Coz this is not a normal day

It is the day I am making a vow

And give myself to the love of my life

The hidden emotions flowing out now

As I know my boat has now got its helmsman

I was afraid to make a commitment

To trust myself enough, but again a look at his face tells me I don’t need anything more than this

My clouds start making way for the sun to shine

And my eyes brimming with tears

I say I do.

© RippleOfThoughts

The time of love

The real happiness of festivals lies in celebrating with your family. When someone scolds you to eat something. When your sibling fights with you. When your grandparents pamper you and spoil you. In eating the fruits from a tree your dad planted when he had no idea of you. Where you still find the stickers you pasted and spoiled the furniture at the age of 5. When you shed tears of love. When you just don’t want to get back to work.

Life seems to be at peace and you don’t need anything else. You feel complete. You forget all your aims, ambitions and nothing seems more important than what you are living right now. You dread the thought of returning back to work, you love your job too but suddenly nothing holds its importance infront of the peace you are getting with your family. You know they care about you unconditionally.

When every tickle of clock reminds you to move towards your aim, an aim you enjoy working for. But you need to pause. You want to stop running. And just be a little kid roaming around on the same streets he once learnt cycling, buy bread from the same shop he once used to buy candies as a kid, walk around in the same park where he learnt to walk first. The sensation shakes you to make a future with them. You feel lost and let others take care of you. You enjoy teasing the people you know care about you. You throw tantrums because you know someone is bearing them with love. You feel good about disturbing everyone because you don’t get to do it very often. In everything you are doing, you try to create a memory.

A memory so strong in which you can again live for some months before having all this again and if you are lucky enough to have all this, you should feel blessed. Everyone is not so blessed. And enjoy the festival spreading the colours of your heart with the people you love. 🙂 🎊

Diplomatic love

I am a good observer.

I can see the difference,

In your smile and your happiness,

In the words coming from you,

and in the emotions in your eyes.

I know when I am being scolded with a hope,

and when I have lost your trust.

I can notice the way you roll your eyes,

the pitch of your tone,

I can differentiate your touch.

I know when it is loving, neutral or if you have lost all hopes on me.

At a stage, words are not needed.

And its disheartening to see those negative emotions,

And to see proud in those eyes is the best feeling ever.

In the eyes of a person I love, lies my motivation and heartbreaks.

And the worst thing is to see your loved ones being diplomatic with you.

I wish to be a pearl

My life is simple

I want to be

A pearl in a shell

I have my own shine and strength

With no need to maximize my lustrous beauty

But still I want to feel protected

In the arms of love

And shine in my own shell

With no rules, no expectations, and no responsibilities

I just want to fold myself to form an arc

And sleep like a baby, growing and shining

Like I did in my mom’s womb.

The First time 🙂🙁

Her words eco in my ears still

Some things happen for the first time

Some new lives add in your life

And you get a new different feel each time and first time

They introduce a world to you, you never knew

And change you a bit for the better

They give you a life of your own

And some you loose, the ones you never know how to live without

The ones who were your guiding light

Who introduced you to the world

And you miss their caring pat on your back and are ready to do anything to get it back

But you know it’s not possible anymore…

A lion inside a timid soul

I felt hopeless

Then something lifted me up

Suddenly I heard a roar in me

My heart felt to be multiplying

My blood trying to escape out of my nerves

A proud smile and eyes dreaming

And again a thought pounced in my mind

A negative thought

This time the helplessness was more

My thoughts in a loop

Getting tired in search of a light in the dark tunnel

It was the time to realise my inner powers

To see in the light of my aura

And the best thing I never knew, I was just inches away from my dream

The idea to keep moving , worked.

Loosing hope

Being evil is the trend

Goodness sounds so old fashioned and dumb.

I cried,

I clenched my fist,

And said I can’t be one of those I hate.

I feel I am in a wrong world

The rules are tangled here

We are taught good things happen to good souls

But I experience something else

Innocence is considered dumbness

Love a weakness

Empathy being called cute

I am fragile..fragile not like a flower

Fragile like a bomb

I need to keep my spirit of innocence high

I wish luck to the goodness of heart in all the young souls.

Ripple of laughter

I heard a voice so beautiful

From a cute face so unexpectedly

Her words played like music, like a garland with no pauses

More beautiful than the sound of a falling drop in water

I always sleep listening to her

A soothing voice… straight from heart

With the innocence of a kid

Her words are sweet..tone musical

She kind of sings while talking

And then she finishes her long story

All about her day

With a laugh noone can ever forget

You can feel her emotions

Creating an endless ripple in your mind 🙂